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Grand Finale


This year shortly comes to an end, and the current achievements of Richmond 950 [ 1071 – 2021 ].

But not quite!

For within the coming weeks (author's and Castle Hill Bookshop's fingers crossed!) the RICHMONDIANS will be on display as the grand finale, all 101 of them, those men and women who have made Richmond and its achievements.

Written and researched by Jane Hatcher, Richmond's outstanding historian – though herself born in York – these biographical portraits for the first time honour those artists and architects, schoolmasters and politicians, nuns, monks and clergymen, stonemasons and knitters, and so on – even the one 'eccentric'.

Here is what it means – from 1071 to the C20 – to qualify as RICHMONDIANS, in 350 pages for £18.50.

This is the Indispensable companion to Richmond.