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Community Archaeology Dig

Community Archaeology Dig

As one of the centrepieces of the Richmond 950 celebrations, local archaeological company Solstice Heritage will be running an excavation open to volunteers in August 2021, supported by the Richmond Civic Society and English Heritage.

Details are currently being finalised, but the excavation will be an opportunity for local residents to get involved in actually uncovering new and exciting information about Richmond’s past.

Solstice Heritage Partner Jim Brightman, who will be leading the excavations, is a Richmond School alumnus and has a life-long interest in the history and archaeology of the town. “Community projects like this are the type of archaeology we enjoy doing the most. There’s nothing quite like helping local people literally hold history in their hands”.

No experience is necessary to take part, and the excavations will be open to all. Further details—and how to get involved—will be published on this website.