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Celebrate Richmond 950 Official Launch and Historical Market Planned for Saturday 8 May.

This year, 2021, we celebrate the birthday of Richmond Castle

Oyez, Oyez, Oyez

This year Richmond's age hits nine-hundred-and-fifty,
It's ageing gracefully like a good malt whisky.

We bid the town well with a loud alleluia
Now it's become as old as Methuselah.

There's events galore this coming year
So try to remember we're in which tier?

Once you've had your vaccination
You can join in the fun for the whole duration!

So keep safe and remember 'Hands, Face and Space'
Until we next meet in the Market Place.

And whilst we are all gathered here
May I wish everyone a Happy New Year!

God Save the Queen and the Lords of the Manors.

The castle is one of the finest and most complete 11th-century fortresses in the country.
With a history that spans centuries there is much to discover about this fascinating structure that paved the way for the future town we call home - the Original Richmond.

View the St. Aubin / Richmond video welcoming 2021...

Funding the Year

We are grateful for grants and funding received from Richmondshire District Council, Richmond Town Council, the Castle Studies Trust, NYCC and the Original Richmond Business & Tourism Association along with donations from local businesses and private individuals.

This has enabled us to develop our current programme of 73 events and activities with more in the pipeline, which can only go ahead if we are able to source further funding.

If you are able to help, please use the Donate Button below to make a contribution.

Help us with...

...creating an even bigger programme. Donations large and small are welcome that, if we can raise sufficient funds, will go towards events such as:

  • Treasure Hunt - circa £300
  • Street Theatre - circa £500
  • Re-enactment - circa £1,000

Or you may have suggestions for events that you would like to see in which case please contact

All donations received will go towards funding the year’s celebrations or, should the additional events not go ahead, our local community causes.